Tourism Group of Social Security Organization (HEGTA) is the largest tourism group in Iran which offers accommodation, recreational and rail transport services in 26 provinces nationwide. HEGTA’s :vision consists of two key parts

  • To be a pioneer in providing tourism services in Iran by 2025;
  • To be a premium international tourism brand between Islamic countries.

HEGTA Group was established to achieve an intended set of desired objectives as coordination, synergy and creating a value chain of the tourism industry between the related companies in the Social Security Organization and the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare. This Group consists of 6 main companies: Homa Hotels Group, Raja Railway Transportation Company, Iran Touring and Tourism Investment Company, Abadgaran-e Iran Tourism and Recreational Complexes, Coastal Village Company and Tamin International Tour and Travel Company. There are other three subsidiary companies which are active under the supervision of main affiliated companies.

The Group’s main goals are to improve the Social Security Organization’s wealth-building programs boosting its international prestige, and to fulfill its socio-economic missions by developing tourism industry, emphasizing on profitability and creating corporate synergies between the Organization's subsidiaries.